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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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wmur news at 5:00. tom: we begin tonight on the storm watch. light snow will soon start to fall before it changes over to freezing rain and rain. good evening i' m tom griffith. jean: and i' m jean mackin. the timing of this change-over all depends on where you live. team coverage begins with mike haddad. mike: the next couple of hours are not thatnotice the advisory covers the state except along the coast rain. temperatures near 32. radar nice and quiet. and around hartford and eventually light snow will get into southern new hampshire but it may take a couple more hours.
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especially into new jersey and long island. there is more air that will play games with this storm and more air down to our south and west. temperatures are slightly above freezing and spots. below in others. josh is here with a look at those numbers. josh: the temperature is going to be so critical. some areas will be on the border . it could make a difference. let' s take a look at the difference it could make into the evening hours. the freezing mark. it stays as snow but look at the temperatures changing overnight. freezing rain moving into southern parts of the state,
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we have more details with that coming out. tom: right now a danville man is being held on high bail as police search his mother' s home where he recently lived. >> there were other dangerous materials. wmur' s heather hamel is live with the latest details. chris: state -- reporter: it is a mobile part down the road from here. we' re just outside. they say they found drug paraphernalia and chemical reaction bombs designed to explode. mathew scarble who lives at 8 wesley st was arrested and now faces drug charges as well as two felony counts of possessing an infernal machine. police say they found 2 explosive devices, as well as chemicals inside the home and outside in a shed on the property. they did not feel it was necessary to evacuate residents, but the chief of police says
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crucial. >> all these homes are situated relatively close. people look out for each other. this family did not associate much with the other neighbors. that was undetected activity. >> in court prosecutors said he has a drug arrests dating back to 2003, as well as other convictions. tom: tonight we' re learning more about the two unh students arrested in connection to the stabbing of another student. court paperwork shows the social media app snapchat played a big role in making the arrests. wmur' s mike cronin is live from durham with the latest developments. mike: today police returned to the apartment building behind me to interview witnesses. both suspects are from salem.
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students. according to court documents a social media picture showing bloody hands and a knife led police to find two men charged in connection with a stabbing at the university of new hampshire. 20 old matthew gibbons and 21-year-old eric denning were arrested saturday. >> it was shocking. nothing like that happens in durham. i grew up here and never hear about that happening. >> i thought it was crazy. i mean there' s some messed up stuff that happens on college campuses obviously, but this was kind of extreme. reporter: police found 20-year-old dean skelley lying in a hallway of an apartment building on madbury road suffering from two stab wounds. the affidavit says another student was punched in the face. both men were taken to the hospital. skelley is in stable condition. court documents say another student showed police a screen shot he took which showed gibbons and denning with bloody hands and a knife. it came from snapchat an app which allows people to
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>> it is apparent to those of us doing this that people' s entire lives on these phones. you find out many more things than you wanted to know by looking through their phone. reporter: gibbons is charged with first degree assault he posted $100,000 bail and will be in court next month. denning was arraigned on second degree assault and criminal liability charges. he was released into the community corrections program. his attorney says denning has no criminal history and argues the affidavit shows it was gibbons who stabbed the victim, not his client. unh students say this incident is very rare for the area. >> i' m not too concerned. this stuff doesn' t happen like that often. reporter: the university of new hampshire is extremely disappointed and says in a statement behavior of this type will absolutely not be tolerated and we have launched our own investigation into the incident. jean: tonight, authorities say it'
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s drug epidemic, a roadside struggle between a state trooper and driver suspected of using drugs. the suspect is out on bail from a nearly identical situation. wmur' s jennifer crompton is live from exeter hospital where the suspect remains tonight. reporter: police say the 26th of was admitted after swallowing several bags of what they believed to be harrell when. that while he was free on bail under the supervision of community corrections for other pending drug charges. noah grassie of southern maine, was arraigned by telephone from inside exeter hospital this afternoon, charged with 3 felonies. -- 2 felonies. according to state police, he was pulled over monday afternoon as he headed westbound on busy route 101 in hampton the trooper says he appeared under the influence of narcotics and while he was patting him down, several baggies of what appeared to be
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he grabbed and swallowed. >> it' s obviously a dangerous situation that we don' t want to happen on the side of the highway. the individual was trying to hide this evidence. he did not want the trooper to find it and like i said it was a brief struggle where he was fully laying -- flailing around trying to get rid of this evidence. reporter: grassie is expected to remain here at the hospital for at least a day then will head to jail with a $10 thousand dollar cash bail. coming up at 6:00 the escalating cases like this police are seeing. for now, live in exeter, jennifer crompton, wmur newsnine. tom: tonight, push back from new hampshire politicians, about president obama' s new call for the closure of guantanamo bay in cuba. wmur' s jennifer vaughn is here now with the president'
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argument, and reaction. reporter: president obama told voters back in 2008, closing guantanamo bay was a priority. he calls this a once and for all proposal to transfer most detainees to a facility in the u.s, though the plan submitted to congress today doesn' t specify where that would be and whether it would be ready by the end of his term. despite congress showing very little interest in changing a law that makes moving detainees to u.s. soil illegal, president obama insists shutting down guantanamo bay would be good for taxpayers. opposition to that theory has been strong including from u.s. senator kelly ayotte. >> the defense estimates this plan would lower costs by up to $85 million a year. over 10 years it would generate savings of $300 million.
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>> this does not protect national security. this is something i haven' t been working on for years. i believe transferring these terrorists to the united states is against our national security interests. reporter: governor maggie released a statement saying i' m skeptical it does enough to advance national security and prevent terrorists from returning to the battlefields. the president' s plan doesn' t address the possibility that he close guantanamo bay through executive action, but the white house has not ruled that out. live in studio, jv wmur news 9 -- jennifer von. tom: turning our attention now to commitment 2016 and the republican race as it focuses on nevada. jean: the candidates are hitting the trail to get support before caucuses this evening.
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>> donald trump is fresh off a win in south carolina and he moves into nevada with a sizable lead in delegates. if the polls get it right donald trump is expected to win with 30 delegates at stake. the few continues between donald trump and ted cruz on social media, at campaign stops. >> when you hold up a bible you don' t put it up and go up line. >> donald trump wants to keep big government in charge. that' s ridiculous. >> when anyone points to his actual record he screams why are. reporter: marco rubio is heading to minnesota. >> these people have realized he wasn' t our first choice, now he
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. one contender, john kasich who campaigned in georgia. he has been taking heat from the establishment for staying in the race taking support from rubio. >> why would i feel pressure? they should consolidate around me? reporter: ben carson also has no plans to call it quits. there hasn' t been much polling in nevada. polling for caucuses can be unreliable. anything could happen. 4 now trip -- now traffic watch time. camera. the snow tonight. joins us live. peggy: we have crews on the
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you can expect some delays there and a partial road closure on route 153. that is reduced to one lane due to down power lines. things are looking good on major roadways. no major issues on 293. as you get towards the boat junction you get dizzy through the concord exits. no major backups on the everett turnpike. things are moving well to and from the coast. spalding is picking up volume at this hour. i' m peggy james 495.7. anchor: next, the exclusive information in the shooting
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where the suspect visited hours before. anchor: and an important voice making his opinion known. which side bill gates is backing . >> unsettled stretch, the forecast ahead. >> one man in custody, the search for another in hudson after police say they were caught stealing from a local store. jean: and at 6:00, the just released plans on how the city of portsmouth plans to honor former mayor eileen foley and
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anchor: police are combing through evidence of the deadly shooting rampage. anchor: police were able to confiscate suspect jason brian dalton' s phone. casings and a ' heavy duty' jacket news dalton bought less than 3 hours before the first attack. the family of one of the victims, 14-year-old abigail kopf who is in critical condition is speaking out. >> our thoughts are with the dalton family who are also suffering at this time, we want t hold anything against the family members. anchor dalton is facing 16 : charges in the case.
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and 8 firearms charges. the motive is still unclear. tom: tonight, protesters are holding rallies outside apple stores across the country. they' re supporting the company in its encryption battle with the fbi over a terrorists locked i-phone. jean: as abc' s brandi hitt tells us an important voice in the industry is now announcing who he is supporting in this battle. reporter: thousands of supporters are expected to rally don' t break our phones in a fight for the future campaign. >> this goes beyond this case. reporter: a judge has ordered apple to open the san bernardino terrorists phone. in an e-mail to employees cook writes, at stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law-abiding people.
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break anyone' s encryption or set of master key loop on the land. investigators believe critical evidence may be on the killers phone. >> there may be information in that phone that could lead to terrorist plots. >> even microsoft founder bill gates is weighing in. >> no one is talking about a back door. >> you should not call it access to a special thing. reporter: the apple ceo is asking the fbi to seek legislation and set up a commission to sort through this difficult issue. >> now mike with your storm
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mike: sunshine giving away an increase in clouds. in a couple of waves the first one fairly short, none out there . still as you can see a little bit of daylight out there. sunset closer to 5:30. we are starting to see the change moving in over connecticut and rhode island stretching towards cape cod and the islands. we will notice the northern edge of this. once we get past 7:00 or 8:00 more snow showers will begin to build in.
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we go to rain. temperatures near the ground will be hanging around 32 degrees. light freezing rain in spots for the morning commute. heavier showers move in late in the day into wednesday night. temperatures are going to take off for one day thursday. right now on the cold side of things upper 20' s, lower 40' s. overnight, just cold enough for frozen precipitation. southern, central new hampshire, it will begin somewhere around 8:00. road start to go down very late through the overnight. a dusting to two inches. snow to the north.
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freezing rain up to concord. rain with pockets of freezing rain towards the coast. went out of the north. tough to get warm air in here. with a touch of freezing rain. heavier rain moves back and especially wednesday night some of the question. by the afternoon partial sun. we are in the 50' s for thursday. there is a colder side back to toronto. snow showers move that can late thursday night. the next couple of hours nice and quiet from south to north. reaching the north country by midnight, tomorrow we see that mixed of freezing rain could be icy and untreated.
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snow showers early friday morning as it blasts back in. anchor: a little bit of everything. next, a new report tied to breast cancer. the number of women with double mastectomies has tripled. tom: and the damage caused by a
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>> a surprising report in the battle against breast cancer. >> a tripling in the number of women undergoing double mastectomies. here' s doctor timothy johnson. reporter: breast cancer is a terrifying diagnosis and decades ago, removing the entire breast was the only answer? but then surgeons began to preserve normal breast areas by doing lumpectomies instead? now in a surprising new finding from researchers at the us agency for healthcare research and quality, the trend seems to be changing again. total mastectomies, complete removal of the breast jumped by more than a third between 2005 and 2013. part of the reason for the
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number of women opting for double mastectomies; having both breasts removed even if cancer is found only in one. actress angelina jolie made headlines when she had both her breasts removed, because she had a genetic mutation, which raises cancer risk. doctors suggest that some high-risk women prefer having the double surgery to the anxiety of having frequent mammograms and biopsies. survival rates are no different for women who have a mastectomy versus women who have a smaller lumpectomy. but double mastectomies do, of course, reduce the chance of developing cancer in the other breast. obviously each woman needs to make a decision about what is best for her. with this medical minute, i' m dr timothy johnson. tom: good news chocolate lovers , a new study shows eating it regularly can improve your brain' s cognitive ability to function.
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journal appetite. found eating chocolate improves memory, abstract reasoning and visual spatial memory. and believe it or not can reduce fevers and even be used to treat diarrhea in children. anchor: it is like chocolate is magic. anchor: the decision is in. did two police officers use excessive force on a suspect
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tom: now at 5:30 -- one man arrested and tonight the search for a second suspect in a crime ring that hit in hudson. jean: this is the damage after a hoverboard catches fire inside a home. tonight we hear from the 11-year-old who was riding it. mike: light snow on the way as the next system moves in, but eventually we' ll see ice and rain. a timeline ahead. tom: plus look who showed up today at spring training. how big papi is feeling heading
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. wmur at tom: off the top this 5:30. half hour these are the live pictures. the snow has not started to fall yet but it should in the next couple of welcome back i' m tom hours. griffith. jean: and i' m jean mackin. the timing and length of the change-over could lead to some slippery roads. for the latest let' s get right to chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: another filed under it doesn' t take much to result in slick roads. not a blockbuster snow event but 90 -- study -- steady rain. if you have travel plans over a good part of the state outside of a couple of flurries, not too much happening. steadier snow developing, we
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shortly after that steady light snow arrives from south to north. by 10:30 or 11:00 experiencing light snow. by tomorrow morning we have some parts of the snow -- state snowing. we break it down in a few minutes. tom: right now the search is on for a suspect in an alleged fraud case in hudson. jean: police have made one arrest connected to this case. wmur' s andy hershberger has more on this investigation. andy: police say one person is heading to court today and another is still at large after an incident allegedly involving here in hudson. police are looking for your help in identifying this man who they say used a phony credit card at a local store earlier this month. taken at a sam' s club in hudson where police say this suspect was trying to leave the store
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merchandise. >> some employees noticed suspicious activity and called police during the course of the employees dealing with the situation they had fled the store. >> police stopped a car driven by 38-year-old yoel peguero bettencourt of miami florida outside the store. >> we found stolen credit cards in the car. a nice stack of credit cards in there along with merchandise from area stores in massachusetts, what we recovered from the sam' s club incident. reporter: authorities say they expect he will soon be charged with a variety of credit card fraud related crimes. the second suspect was able to get away and police are trying to determine if they are working by themselves or as part of a
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>> we are looking into all leads trying to find out how big a scope these two are into. we don' t know if it is just them acting alone or a large organization. reporter: anyone with information can call hudson police or crimeline. callers can remain anonymous. anchor: tonight, belmont police say a tilton man deliberately set his ex-girlfriend' s car on fire with a molotov cocktail. 26-year-old shawn mckenney is facing multiple charges. investigators say he admitted to making the molotov cocktail lit it and tossed it into the woman' s parked car monday morning. firefighters were able to save the car. tom: new tonight a jury says two weare police officers did not use excessive force on a burglary suspect. shane st. onge was convicted of breaking into route 77 motors in 2012. but he accused officers ken cox and kimberly mcsweeney of tasing him and said they were rough
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surrendered at the scene. but the federal jury disagreed. >> the fair finding by the jury made it clear to the public and us that we, gratifying to know that we were recognized for their excellence. tom: the jury heard four days of testimony before reaching this decision. a family back home after a hoverboard caused a fire in their living room. their son was riding inside when the hoverboard sparked and caught fire. kelley tuthill from our sister station wcvb spoke with the fire chief and has some safety tips for riders. >> this is what' s left of a hoverboard that caught on fire while an 11-year-old boy was riding it inside his chelmsford home. 64/39.09 some extensive smoke damage throughout the house. >> it burst into flames. i hopped into flames.
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the door. >> extensive smoke damage, they and no one was hurt. reporter: photo show a rug and wall were damaged in the one alarm fire last night. the consumer product safety commission is investigating 40 fires nationwide sparked by lithium-ion batteries that overheat in these popular devices. >> if you' re going to use it, use it outside. if you' re going to charge it, keep it away from combustible materials. reporter: the 11-year-old is ok. his parents are cleaning up from smoke and fire damage. jean: straight ahead on news 9 a tough day on wall street for fitbit the maker of activity trackers. the concerns investors have about this product after a
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monster storm that devastated fiji from high above earth. >> when we tell them that they are surprised. they don' t think that is a winter activity.
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jean: video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange. a down day for the dow. the s&p off by 24. nasdaq dropped 67. gas price averages nationally dropped one penny. in new hampshire, $1.65. tom: yesterday i think it was $1.58. a rough day on wall street for the stock of fit-bit. tom: it plunged 19% before noon and closed the day down more than 20%. all this after the maker of activity trackers released a weak economic forecast. even though fit-bit reported strong holiday sales investors are growing increasingly concerned it' s just another fad and will not be able to maintain it' s level of growth. tom: tonight another 90 million vehicles may be recalled because of airbags made by takata. that would nearly triple the number of airbag inflators
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deaths here in the u.s.. the national highway traffic safety administration has already fined the company two takata has also been ordered it hundred million dollars. to stop using ammonium nitrate propellant use to inflate the airbags. >> mars candy bars are being recalled in europe after plastic was found in one of it' s products. it includes favorites like the milky way and snickers. the recall affects products with best before dates ranging from june of this year until january of 2017 and were made in the netherlands. the recall in europe. feel free to eat yours. next, a one-of-a-kind photo. nasa is releasing a new snapshot of a trio of saturn' s moons. tom: in sports, we will hear from big papi david ortiz was in the cage at spring training today.
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>> amazing pictures keep coming from nasa. >> check out this photo of three of saturn' s moons. each one has interesting characteristics. one is as wide as the state of arizona and is also one of the brightest objects in our solar system. so far 62 moons have been discovered around saturn.
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from space of that massive category five tropical cyclone that hit fiji over the weekend. winds from cyclone winston reached one hundred and 77 miles an hour making it the strongest storm to ever hit the pacific island chain. the death toll is 29 and still climbing because of the difficulty communicating with some of the more remote islands. mike: nice and quiet now but changes move-in as early as the mid-part as the evening. take a look. overcast skies. a few breaks in the distance. clouds are winning the battle now. it will produce some snow but not for the next couple of hours outside of flurries. notice the northern edge of the snow being eroded by dry air.
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be mainly snow free. the northern edge will begin to create been and make its way farther north through the course of the evening. there is warmer air trying to build in. freezing rain across southern interior parts of the state. take a look at what is happening. a major storm. most of the system down in dixie producing violent weather. can' t rule out very slight shot later tomorrow night. a few could hear a rumble of thunder. side of things. 20' s and 30' s elsewhere. cold enough to support primarily snow for the next several hours
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dipping but remaining above average for overnight lows. notice after 8:00 or 9:00 it spreads to the north. it' s trying to reach into the white mountains. towards boston. the mixed line of sleet and freezing rain, taking over in southern new hampshire tomorrow. by 7:00 a.m. snow points north. freezing rain mixing in as well. a couple of pockets of freezing rain off of the main roadways. a good portion of to the freezing rain. enough of a and ice accumulation . that will happen mostly into the
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they move on through. before it cools quite a bit, later thursday night, snow over spreads the snake -- the state. farther north, notice changes. temperatures stay in the 30' s. the heavier rain with maybe a rumble of thunder. 50' s, mostly up north. when looking quiet. not too bad either. tom: winter will not give up its grip yet. tom: head coaches from the university of tennessee held a press conference saying they are suing the school saying policies
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now more on the latest. >> a united front of university of tennessee. >> i could not be more proud to be hard of a culture here that is truly connected and bonded. reporter: 16 head coach is defending their schools reputation against allegations of sexual harassment made in a lawsuit. >> to think the university is not treating women fairly is totally not true. reporter: six woman disagree. they are suing claiming he created a hostile environment for women protecting male athletes i acting with deliberate indifference in response to sexual assault. it focuses on fire recent cases. >> what they are alleging is not just these women filing the suit experienced negative conduct but
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>> one paragraph refers to a 20-year-old allegation against peyton manning. a female trainer at the school accuse manning of sexy assaulting her by putting his genitals in her face while she examined him. he did settle that out-of-court. >> it is a story that is incredibly damaging the peyton manning. >> i think it is unfair a lot of these individuals that doubt go to parties, that have never trucks -- touched out the hall. -- alcohol. anchor david ortiz taking his : swings with his red sox teammates at spring training.
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ortiz, and ace pitcher david price former rivals, heated at times, but they are teammates now. >> he is a good guy. you ask around and that is what people tell you. we are playing together now. they brought him into win a championship. in my case i' m going to be his number one supporter. anchor with this incredibly mild : winter, we decided to stop over at northeast delta dental stadium, the home of the fisher cats, to see what the ballpark looks like as you can tell, it is in mid-april form. it looks like they could play tonight if they needed to. last year at this time not so much we will show you the difference a year makes, coming up at 6:00. anchor: next an unbelievable , story. we' ll introduce you to one family that is seeing double
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ll explain next. anchor: the man accused of killing a dunbarton teen in a crash last summer has been indicted. the charges he faces after allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase. anchor: and, funeral plans announced for eileen foley. coming up, find out where you can pay your respects for the
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international space station are going ape. and having a little fun. jean: former astronaut mark kelly just posted this video showing someone in a gorilla suit bursting out of a bag. and then chasing after another crew member though no explanation is given. kelly also sent out a tweet saying i thought you said you had things under control up there. tom: a set of identical twin sisters in utah now have multiple sets of twins of their own. kerri bunker recently gave birth to twin boys. she already had another set of twins. and that is just the start for this family. kerri' s twin sister kelli also has two sets of twins. that makes five sets in just one family. >> she has 4 children 5 and under. and i have 5 children four and under. i had a boy and girl first. she had the two girls.
5:56 pm
we have our bases covered. tom: the sisters say their families are now complete and they are not trying to have anymore twins. anchor: here is the work cap going viral. the wine workout. she posted this quick exercise video on her facebook page. she uses bottles of wine as weights and reward. it has more than 18 that -- 18 million views.
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at 5:00. jean: stay tuned, what's all this nonsense about balls?
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it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal, in the middle of anywhere. mike: now at 6:00, quiet for now, but a stormy stretch means a messy wintry mix that starts as snow. when it all gets going . anchor: this man is accused of
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the dangers state police say they found inside. >> it is obviously a very dangerous situation that we don' t want to happen on the side of the highway. tom: a suspect is in the hospital tonight after swallowing bags of suspected heroin following a traffic stop. why state police say cases like this are not unusual. up from a grand jury in last summer' s deadly crash in weare. like we do. anchor: right now, a storm is moving into the state that will bring snow, freezing rain and rain over the next 24 hours. good evening, i' m jennifer vaughn. tom: and i' m tom griffith. the snow is expected to start overnight but when will it switch over to sleet, and freezing rain? chief meteorologist mike haddad is here to start our storm watch team coverage tonight.
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it is relatively dry right now. they begin at 8:00 and last through tomorrow morning. those advisories extend to a good portion of the day wednesday elsewhere in the state. right now it is nice and quiet. outside of a few flurries, it should be mainly dry. steadier snow, over central ports of new york state will move in through the evening. region by region, for when that here is josh. josh: we are dealing with snow and a changeover on the way dependent on temperatures. we are zooming in to see where they will be as the snow begins to push and. look at those temperatures.


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